Child Development Checks

These clinics are run by a doctor and health visitor for the routine development checks at 6-8 weeks, 8 months etc. Further details are in the patient held ‘red book’. They are held on a Thursday afternoon by appointment.

Child Immunisation

These clinics are run on a Wednesday morning by appointment. These are carried out by an Immunisation Nurse and a doctor is available if required. The recommended schedule of vaccination is:

2 months - Triple vaccine (Whooping cough, diptheria and tetanus), polio oral vaccine, HIB (against haemophilus meningitis), Rotarix oral vaccine and pneumococcal. Meningitis B.

3 months - Repeat of above excluding Men B

4 months - Repeat of 2 months

Around 12 months - MMR (measles, mumps, rubella), HIB, Men C, pneumococcal, Men B

3 years 4 months to 5 years old - Pre-school booster (dip, tet, polio) and MMR.

13 to 18 years old - Diptheria, tetanus, polio

We feel the childhood immunisation programme is very important but if you have any concerns detailed information is available from the surgery.


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