We run a minor surgery clinic on some Friday mornings where we carry out a range of minor surgical procedures under local anaesthetic. This service means that patients do not need to be referred on to hospital for simpler procedures and appointments are usually available within a couple of weeks.

Some example of procedures we do are:
Mole removal
Ingrown toe nail removal
Removal of skin cysts and other skin lesions

Procedures are carried out under local anaesthetic which involves injection around the area with a very fine needle which numbs the area. Most lesions that we remove are sent to the lab for histology - the results are available 10 days afterwards. You may require stitches which usually require to be removed a week later.

If you wish to book into the clinic please see the doctor first to assess if your problem is suitable for the clinic.


We also run a cryotherapy clinic once every few weeks on a Thursday afternoon. This involves a spray of liquid nitrogen (-196degC) onto the skin which freezes it very quickly. It is used mostly for treatment of warts and verrucas but may also be suggested for some other skin lesions.

The treatment itself is a bit uncomfortable but not painful, however, it is not suitable for children under 10. The treatment itself takes only a minute and afterwards the area will look no different but over the next few hours it will probably become red and perhaps blistered, a bit like a burn and you may need to take some paracetamol.

Large warts or verrucas often need more than one treatment over several weeks.

To book into the clinic speak to the receptionist.


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